Group Dog Walks

One full hour of hiking on the beautiful trails of Marin with a certified group dog walker.

•   Small groups
•   Trail manners
•   Group socialization
•   Play, exercise and fun

Solo Walks

One-on-one walks in your neighborhood or nearby paths with a certified dog walker.

•   30 or 60 minute walks
•   One on one attention
•   Training and guidance

Housesitting In Your Home

Care for your animals in the comfort of their own home. Certified and vetted house sitters stay overnight and care for your animals as if they were their own and you have the comfort of knowing your home and animals are safe and sound.

  • Feeding
  • Dog walks
  • Mail and papers
  • Garbage/Recycle
  • Security check
  • Most of all, love and play!

24 hour Care In Our Homes

We board your dog in our homes while you are away. They go out on great adventures and walks. We love them and care for them in the comfort of our homes.

  • Personalized care
  • Familiar face
  • One-on-one attention

Puppy Care and Training Support

Specialized puppy care in your home to support you and your family with your new family member! We assist you in prepping for your puppy’s arrival, then when the puppy arrives, we partner with you to support the training and care.

•   Crate training
•   Leash training
•   Potty training support
•   Bite inhibition
•   And more!

Medical Visits + Senior Care

We offer medical visits and senior dog care to partner with you inthe care of your animal in all stages of their life. We work with you to offer your dog everything he needs to be healthy and happy.

  • Insulin injections
  • Fluid administration
  • Vet transport
  • Health and wellness visits

Interested in dog services?