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Dogs Get Dementia, Too

The cellular changes of canine cognitive dysfunction would be recognizable under the microscope to any human brain pathologist: Plaques of beta amyloid—protein fragments believed to be the result of “oxidative stress”—lead to distinctive “neurofibrillary tangles” within the damaged nerve cells, and shrinkage of the brain appears in areas where memories are made and behaviors are shaped.

A sweet gentleman

Ansel is a very sweet gentleman. He is happy and for a senior guy doing quite well.
 We are happy to meet him and help with his care.

Two special kitties need help

A BrightHaven Announcement

Dear Friends,

We have an urgent situation.  Sargeant and Majestic have really gotten a raw deal.  Their people bought them as kittens but now, at 12 and 15 years of age, they find themselves sitting in a shelter cage.  You see, their people decided to move to Florida.  Without them.

Sargeant is a 15 year old […]

Brothers in paws

Meet our new friends, Leo and Tucker. Leo is a distinguished gentleman and Tucker loves his bro. They are best friends. Welcome Leo and Tucker!



Peggy Sue needs you

SoulMates Animal Care Welcomes Bear!

We are happy to help in Bear’s care. He’s a wonderful gentleman.

Pets and Broken Hearts

Thanks goodness veterinary medicine has embraced the concept of support services for pet guardians. We are blessed to have the Honoring The Bond program at Ohio State Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and I am busting a few buttons over the fact that my niece chose the human-animal bond as her specialty in social work. I could say I taught her everything she knows about clients, but who am I kidding? It was one of her mentors who held me up as I was burning out. I can remember calling Dr. Brandt on the phone many times before going in to talk to a client. At the end of a particularly tough day I’d ask her to foam the runway, because I knew I was coming in for a crash landing.