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GGNRA Dog Management Plan

Hi Friend,

Just wanted to let you know about our progress with fighting the GGNRA dog management plan. We got Supervisor Kate Sears to draft a resolution that opposes it, which is fantastic. She is supporting us but now she is going to have to get the other Marin Supervisors to approve it. We are reaching […]

the good life

SoulMates booth a hit at Howl O'Ween

Our booth looked fabulous at the City of Sausalito’s Halloween parade. SoulMates sponsored the dog costume contest – Howl O’Ween. The turnout was quite impressive and all the costumes looked great, both on the dogs and their guardians. There was even one dog cleverly disguised as a very realistic looking kitty! We had four winners: Dorothy […]

A New Perspective

It was in Albuquerque that I finally worked up to five full minutes of running on the treadmill. It was also in Albuquerque that I got to feel first hand what it was like to experience the care of my own company. I became a client of SoulMates for one anxious and amazing week. And it was a revelation for me. I started SoulMates Animal Care almost 18 years ago. It was all me back then, visiting the animals and running the show. We grew after a couple years, and have become a thriving business with a large and dedicated staff, serving hundreds of wonderful clients throughout Marin County. But it was just this past summer that for the first time, I understood completely what it’s like for my clients to place their trust in us and their animals well-being and lives into our hands.