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Dogs Get Dementia, Too

The cellular changes of canine cognitive dysfunction would be recognizable under the microscope to any human brain pathologist: Plaques of beta amyloid—protein fragments believed to be the result of “oxidative stress”—lead to distinctive “neurofibrillary tangles” within the damaged nerve cells, and shrinkage of the brain appears in areas where memories are made and behaviors are shaped.

Sign the petition to save access to the GGNRA!

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GGNRA Dog Management Plan

Hi Friend,

Just wanted to let you know about our progress with fighting the GGNRA dog management plan. We got Supervisor Kate Sears to draft a resolution that opposes it, which is fantastic. She is supporting us but now she is going to have to get the other Marin Supervisors to approve it. We are reaching […]

the good life

How To Reduce Pet Fear at the Vet

Dogs simply don’t lie or make up stories. This dog had been treated in such a way that she didn’t want to ever come here again. Not only was I embarrassed, but I wondered if this veterinary phobia might also influence loving owners who would not want to come to a place that frightens pets.

Two growing scams bilk people of their pets—and even their money

Scams of all kinds are all too common and it seems that those behind them become more crafty and heartless as the days go by.
Those involving pets for financial gain—two in particular—are a growing problem. One that you may have heard of by way of the media in recent months, dog flipping, is harrowing not only for the humans who own the dogs, but the animals themselves.

International Homeless Pets Day!

International Homeless Pets Day!

Watch Your Pictures - Watch Your Words!

Your animal friend is relying on YOUR THOUGHTS for guidance, for ALL situations. And if you are “tuned out” or “listening to a little fear voice in your head”, you can be sure that your animal will watch your thoughts and either follow them, or do something to distract you from those thoughts.

A smile shared with us by one of our friends - Enjoy!


Angela DiMeglio Memorial Service tomorrow


Angela DiMeglio, founder of Gentle Touch Dog Training,

succumbed to breast cancer on Thursday April 25th 2013.

Angela influenced the lives of many people and their puppies

through her work in a profoundly positive way.


The memorial service will be held


Saturday, April 27th, 2013

at 2 pm

at the Unitarian Universalist […]